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With the perspective and experience of a performing musician, Leo Buendia began his career as a luthier in his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Years later, he moved to Oakland, California to specialize in the construction of high end steel string acoustic guitars in a three-year apprenticeship to the renowned Ervin Somogyi.

Recognized as being one of the finest new guitar makers in the world today, Buendia Guitars is operated as a solo operation offering​ one-of-a-kind custom guitars with the depth of sound and immediate response desired by musicians and guitar lovers around the world.

Leo aims for power, clarity, balance, great overtones and ease of playing in all his guitars. He focuses on a bass that projects its voice well for contrapuntal effect, a midrange with good separation, and trebles with character and sustain to balance the focused bass.

Buendia Guitars has a waiting list of over 5 years and his guitars are well worth the wait. If you're interested in owning one without the wait, do get in touch!

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