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  • Why should you buy from us?
    1. Many of the luthiers we represent have a very long waiting list (up to 7 years), but we have reserved slots for your build to start earlier 2. You can count on our wealth of knowledge and experience to help you find your dream guitar(s) 3. We stand by the luthiers and guitars we represent - we do not sell anything that we would not be proud to own ourselves 4. Starting out as consumers, we understand the value of pricing our instruments fairly
  • Are your prices fixed?
    In the name of fairness, our listed prices are already very closely tied to what you would purchase from the luthier yourself. However, if you are genuinely interested in a particular guitar out of your budget, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You could be surprised how far a simple enquiry can take you :)
  • Are your “INCOMING GUITARS” already called for?
    If you are interested in one of the incoming guitars but would like it in slightly different specifications, do get in touch with us and depending on how far along the build process is, we can still make the necessary changes. Those that are already called for will be tagged as [SOLD].
  • I would like to commission a guitar from a luthier that is not listed on your website. Is that possible?
    Anything is possible! Drop us a message and we will see how we can help you out!
  • Do you ship overseas?
    Yes, we have shipped to USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and more! Message us to find out more.
  • I want to make a purchase! What should I do?
    Thank you for choosing us as your trusted dealership. We are just a message or call away from your dream guitar(s), so reach out to us and we will take care of you from there.
  • Do you sell on consignment?
    We do! If you are interested in selling your pre-loved instruments but do not want the hassle of looking for a buyer yourself, send us your guitar and leave the rest to us. Please inquire to find out more
  • You guys are awesome! How are you not more well known?
    That is a question we ask ourselves too. If you like what you see or hear from us, please don’t be shy and share about us with your friends and family to get us there. We appreciate every bit of it!
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