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Taran Tirga Mhor (PRE-OWNED)

Adirondack/African Blackwood

Model: Tirga Mhor
Back and sides - African Blackwood
Soundboard - Adirondack Spruce
Neck - Reclaimed Mahogany with carbon fibre and a two-way truss rod
Fingerboard - Ebony
Nut and saddle - Bone, intonated to any tuning required
Standard nut width - 45mm with a 59mm string spacing at the bridge
Tuners - Gotoh 510s
Scale - 645mm
Frets to body - 12
Body length - 510mm
Max body width - 402mm
Depth - 122mm
Width at nut - 45mm
Spacing at saddle - 59mm
Carlton case

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The Tirga Mhor is Rory's take on a 000, after long discussions with Martin Simpson.

The Tirga Mhor is designed with with an open voice enabled by the 12th fret bridge position with lots of 'spit' with its powerful attack. As with its sister model the Tirga Beag the Mhor has good separation across a very dynamic range.

If you are looking for a guitar that stands out, this just might be it! Get in touch with us if you are interested in this guitar, or getting something similar.

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